* Fix-It Clinic



WHAT: FREE paper shredding for the cities of South St. Paul, West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake, Lilydale and Mendota

WHEN: Saturday, April 18, 9AM - noon

WHERE: West St. Paul Sports Complex, 1650 Oakdale Ave, West St. Paul

DETAILS: Bring your confidential papers like bank statements, medical records and taxes to be shredded on site by 3 trucks. Bag documents in paper bags please, rather than boxes or plastic bags to keep the line moving. Do not bring any magazines, junk mail, greeting cards or receipts: those items can be recycled--except receipts, throw those in garbage. No business documents accepted,just personal documents.

Questions? Call or email Cassandra: 651-552-4118 or


WHAT: Bring mattresses, TVs, miscellaneous junk, and appliances for proper recycling and/or disposal.

WHEN: Saturday, May 16, 9AM - 1PM

WHERE: Public Works Maintenance Facility, 400 East Richmond Street

DETAILS: Check or cash only

Questions? Call or email Cassandra: 651-552-4118 or


WHAT: FREE tire disposal, provided by the Mosquito Control District

WHEN: Sunday, July 12, 9AM - noon

WHERE: West St. Paul Public Works Maintenance Facility, 403 Marie Ave E

DETAILS: FREE. NO RIMS. Only tires from Dakota County residents will be accepted

Questions? Call or email Cassandra: 651-552-4118 or


South St. Paul library is currently recycling their plastic film in the library. Any shipments that come in wrapped in shrink wrap, or including bubble wrap, these plastic films are being collected and recycled properly to be kept out of the landfill. Items collected for recycling include:

-Plastic grocery bags
-Bubble wrap
-Shrink wrap surrounded paper towel or water bottle packs
-Dry cleaning bags
-Newspaper bags

Residents can collect and bring plastic film to numerous grocery stores and retail stores throughout the city.

For more information on what can be collected and recycled visit the Plastic Film Recycling website

Questions? Call or email Cassandra at: 651-552-4118

Recyclable Materials

For information on what to recycle, please visit Dakota County’s Green Guide.

Please do not bag recyclable items in plastic bags. Keep them loose in your cart or bin.

Special Note on Plastics

Some plastics are recyclable while some are not. Some recycling haulers are collecting more types of plastics than in the past, so contact your recycling hauler for a detailed list of which types they accept from your curbside recycling bin. Place recyclable plastics in with curbside recycling