Kaposia Landing 

Discover the scenic beauty and recreational wonders of Kaposia Landing, South St. Paul's premier park nestled along the majestic Mississippi River. Unveiled in 2008, this remarkable 87-acre space is a testament to over a decade of meticulous planning and innovative funding strategies. Formerly the demolition landfill Port Crosby, Kaposia Landing has been transformed into a vibrant public recreation area, offering a host of amenities for residents and visitors alike.

Embark on an adventure within this evolving landscape, currently featuring a 6.3-acre off-leash dog area (permit required for use), picturesque river overlooks, and nearly two miles of well-maintained interior paved trails. The park's development took a significant stride in 2017 with the opening of five new athletic fields dedicated to softball and baseball. Complementing this sporting haven is a centrally-located concession and restroom building on the north end of the park, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Access to Kaposia Landing is convenient and diverse. Traverse the vehicular bridge at Concord Street (TH 156) and Bryant Avenue, or opt for the scenic route via the regional trail access using the pedestrian bridge at the Simon’s Ravine Trailhead, located at 1308 North Concord Street. Whether you're seeking outdoor activities, breathtaking views, or a leisurely stroll, Kaposia Landing invites you to immerse yourself in a recreational haven along the Mississippi River.

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