Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a planning document that contains information concerning a wide range of topics including goals and policies for land use, housing, parks and open space, economic development and transportation systems that will have an impact on land use within the City. The City's Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2008, and contains projections for community growth out to 2030. The 2018-2019 update will extend the vision that shapes the City through the year 2040.

The first phase of the update process began in the summer of 2017 with six community engagement events to gather input from residents, business owners and community members about aspects of the community they would like to keep and aspects they would like to change, evaluation of health and well-being, economic development and prioritizing strategies for community enhancement. The City also conducted a community survey to gauge opinions on the quality of life, issues facing the community and future direction of the city. Information from the engagement sessions and the survey was used to develop draft Goals and Policies for the 2018-2019 Comprehensive Plan which will be reviewed by the City Council.

The City will continue to work on the individual chapters of the Comprehensive Plan Update and the Planning Commission will discuss these parts of the Comprehensive Plan Update at their meetings throughout 2018. These are public meetings and those interested are encouraged to attend.

If you have any questions on the Comprehensive Plan Update, please email the City Planner, Peter Hellegers at 651-554-3217.

The current Comprehensive Plan can be found below:
SSP / 2030 - Comprehensive Plan

Cover and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1 - Background (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Policy Plan (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Economic Development (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Land Use (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Transportation (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Community Services and Public Facilities (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Critical Area/MNRRA (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Implementation (PDF)


Appendix A (PDF): (1) Vision Session

(2) Citizen Survey and Results
(3) Concept Plan

Appendix B (PDF): Concord-Grand Ave. Gateway Streetscape and Redevelopment Plan
Appendix C (PDF): Parks Master Plan
Appendix D (PDF): Water Supply Plan
Appendix E (PDF): Dakota County ISTS Ordinance
Appendix F (PDF): Airport Layout Plan