2040 Comprehensive Plan 

What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a road map for how South St. Paul will grow and develop over the next 20 years. This comprehensive plan covers a wide range of topics including goals and policies for land use, housing, parks, and open space, economic development, and transportation systems that will have an impact on land use within the City.  The plan is intended to build off the goals and policies establishing in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Simply adopting a Comprehensive Plan does not guarantee that all of the goals in the plan will be met; however, the Comprehensive Plan acts as a guide for city staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders as they look to make decisions that achieve these goals. A Comprehensive Plan is a valuable tool for any municipality and should be referenced often. If you have any questions on the Comprehensive Plan, please contact the City Planner, Michael Healy at mhealy@southstpaul.org or 651-554-3217.

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The current Comprehensive Plan can be found below either as one document or by individual chapter:

2040 Comprehensive Plan

Cover Page and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1- Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Background (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Policy Plan (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Land Use (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Economic Development (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Transportation (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Community Infrastructure (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Parks, Trails & Recreation (PDF)
Chapter 10 - Critical Area  Plan (PDF)
Chapter 11 - Implementation (PDF)                                                                                                                Chapter 12- Appendix (PDF)

Reference Documents

Comprehensive Plan Community Engagement Activities (PDF)
Concept Plan (PDF)
Economic Development Strategy (PDF)
Southview Hill Plan (PDF)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)
Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PDF)
Airport Layout Plan (PDF)
Comprehensive Stormwater Plan (PDF)
Well Record and Maintenance Summaries (PDF)
Well Level Monitoring Plan (PDF)
Dakota County ISTS Ordinance (PDF)


Future Land Use Map with Districts (PDF)
Future Land Use Map (PDF)
Existing Land Use Map with Districts (PDF)
Zoning Map (PDF)


2021- Creation of the Grand Exchange Mixed Use Land Use Category                                                        2022- Amendment to Align the Land Use Plan with City Policy Goals 

  1. Michael Healy

    City Planner / Zoning Administrator