Small Area Plans

Small area plans contain specific strategies that aim to preserve or improve a specific area of the City. The Plan may address issues such as land use, zoning, transportation, economic development, and housing. The City has a strong history of engaging residents, businesses, and the development community to set a course for the City’s future through visionary, focused, and pragmatic planning. The following documents are recent small area plans: 

Concord/Grand Avenue Gateway Streetscape and Redevelopment Plan

The “Grand Avenue Gateway” serves as the meeting place of South St. Paul’s working riverfront business park district and the residential neighborhoods on the hill. This area is becoming an attractive environment for new mixed-use development. The City recently reconstructed Concord Street with an improved streetscape layout. Concord Exchange is scheduled to receive similar updates between 2024 and 2025. 

Hardman Triangle Redevelopment Plan

The Hardman Triangle is a triangular-shaped superblock located at the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Concord Street. The 22-acre block sits strategically between the residential neighborhoods of South St. Paul and the Mississippi River. In recent years, the City has identified the Hardman Triangle as a key focus area for redevelopment.

Southview Hill 

Southview Boulevard is a uniquely situated, pedestrian-scaled corridor serving the historic residential neighborhoods of South St. Paul. The Southview Hill Plan, along with the 2018 Street Reconstruction Project, ensure that the vitality and vibrancy of Southview is enhanced as the City’s economy continues to grow and diversify.

North Concord Corridor Vision 

The City has planned for Concord Street North to be a mixed-use redevelopment corridor since 2004. The reconstruction of Concord Street in 2021 was the catalyst for a project to further define that goal. In 2021, the City adopted an official vision for the North Concord corridor and subsequently created a new zoning district with four subdistricts to implement the vision, the MMM-Mixed Markets and Makers district.