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I-494 Auxiliary Lane & Noise Wall

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is constructing an auxiliary lane on I-494 westbound  between Hardman Ave. and 7th Avenue South in 2018.  This project also includes widening and repair of the bridge over Concord Street, drainage infrastructure improvements, roadside safety improvements, retaining walls and noise barrier construction, construction of the auxiliary lane, bituminous milling & overlay, and concrete pavement diamond grinding & repair of the existing roadway (Project Location Map).  More information about this project is available on MnDOT's website.

In South St. Paul, this roadway corridor is ranked no. 37 of 234 in the MnDOT 2016 Highway Noise Abatement Study. The proposed construction requires MnDOT to assess the existing noise levels and predict the future noise level and impacts. If noise impacts are identified, MnDOT is required by federal law to consider noise mitigation measures, such as installing noise barriers. MnDOT follows the requirements established by federal law, Federal Highway Administration Noise Abatement Criteria, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency State Noise Standards, and MnDOT’s Noise Policy and noise analysis guidelines.

Staff from MnDOT presented an update on the project and the noise analysis determinations and process at the September 12, 2016, City Council Worksession meeting.  MnDOT will be sending out information about the possible noise barriers to affected residents that includes a voting process.  They presented a video that explains this process.

Votes are in.  Two of the walls will be constructed:  Wall 1A and Wall 7.   

Wall 1A: North side of I-494 between Fifth Ave. South and Concord St. 
(will be constructed) 

Wall 3: South side of I-494 between Blaine Ave. and Seventh Ave. South 
  (will not be constructed) 

Wall 7: North side of I-494 between Blaine Ave and Seventh Ave. South
(will be constructed) 

Please see the MnDOT website for more information on Noise Walls.