Street Lighting

Street Light Utility

The South St. Paul City Council established a street light utility effective January 1, 2009. This utility maintains and operates a city-wide street lighting system. Because the citywide street lighting system benefits each and every property within the city, the City Council further declared that it is fair, appropriate, and reasonable that the costs of such operation and maintenance be paid on a fair and reasonable basis by all the properties in the city.

In October, 2016, Excel switched street lights over to LED lighting. This switch should save the City electricity and maintenance costs. Excel switched over to LED lights at no additional cost to the City. Please see the attached information sheet (PDF) for more information on the new LED versus High Pressure Sodium lights.

Street Light Policy

A Street Light Policy (PDF) has now been established for placement, installation, type, maintenance, and operation of the city's street and alley lighting system. Please view the links below to review the policy.

Additional Information