Water Meter


The City of South St. Paul replaced all South St. Paul served water meters in 2013. The new radio read meter system will bring efficiency to meter reading and billing operation and eliminate estimated bills due to inaccessibility.

How Does it Work?

The new water metering system incorporates an off-the-shelf, battery-operated radio transmitter onto the water meter.

The water meter, with its integrated radio, transmits a relatively weak radio frequency signal. The City meter reader drives by the property with a special receiver. Data consisting of your unique meter number and the digits of your meter reading are transmitted to our receiver. We use those meter readings in our billing software to generate your water bill. If we cannot get that data, an error code transmits. No personal information is transmitted.

New Meter With Antenna

Quick Facts

  • New water meters ensure everyone who uses City water is paying for actual water used, no more, no less.
  • The more modern and reliable meters have an integrated radio transmission device and allow the City to obtain meter readings using drive-by reading technology.
  • Radio meter radio reads will be less disruptive for customers with less chance of estimated readings due to access limitations.
  • Meter readers will no longer need to enter private property to plug in a hand-held reading device.
  • Radio meters will be more efficient to read and allow easier access for staff and less staff time resulting in savings to customers over time.