Police Chaplains

Police Chaplains September 23, 2004

Started in the fall of 2002 the South St. Paul Police Department's chaplain program has quickly become an important part of our organization. The chaplains' volunteer work with the Police Department comes in addition to the many responsibilities they have in their own churches and ministries.

The six chaplains currently serving volunteer their time to help police on an on-call status. Each police chaplain serves a seven-day shift on-call, which comes out to about a week of service each month. In addition, the chaplains meet on a regular basis for on-going training and development. Our chaplains can also frequently be found visiting with staff at the station or riding with officers on patrol.

Chaplains participate in many areas of the Police Department serving the community as a whole and providing service to officers, police staff and their families.

The South St. Paul Police Chaplain corps includes:

• Rev. Dr. Tom Jestus, Miracle Center
• Chaplain Larry Bounds, Crossroads Church
• Chaplain Maribel Colon, First Baptist Church
• Chaplain Butch Millett, Bethel Baptist Church
• Chaplain Robert Squillace
• Rev. Marjorie Stewart, Miracle Center