Catch Basin Repairs

Alley Catch Basin Repair

As part of the maintenance of the City's sewer system, repairs to storm sewer structures (catch basins) may be required if the catch basin is deteriorating. Generally, this work requires the contractor to excavate and remove the pavement around the catch basin that requires repairs, remove and replace some or all portions of the storm sewer structure, and replace the roadway section with new asphalt or concrete.

The City has contracted for this type of repairs for 2016. An overall map (PDF) of the alley catch basin repair projects can be viewed.

When Will the Work Take Place?

Didion Contracting is the contractor for 2016. The work is expected to start on Wednesday, July 27 or Thursday, July 28 at alley catch basin no. 1 (see map (PDF) for more detail) located between 14th Avenue North and 13th Avenue North and preceding to alley catch basin no. 6. This work is expected to be completed within two weeks depending on weather conditions.

The pavement removal and replacement of catch basins typically take about a day to complete at each location. Patching and pavement repairs will be completed after all catch basins have been repaired.

Temporary road closures or barricades will be placed in the immediate area of the catch basin repair in order to allow room for the contractor to complete the necessary work. All alleys will remain open to traffic on both ends, but no through access will be allowed until the construction repairs are complete. Concrete pavement will take an additional three days to cure before it can be driven on.