My Water Service - What do I need to know?

My Water Service
My Water Service

As a home or property owner, what should I know about my water service?

Home or property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their water service from the City water main in the street to the house or building, along with the plumbing lines within the dwelling.

Should I install a water softener in our home?

The hardness of South St. Paul water is typically 18 grains or 307 parts per million hardness. This is relatively high and you may find it desirable to soften water through a privately owned softener or softening service.

What is causing the low pressure in my home?

Quite often, low pressure is caused by a malfunctioning water softener. This can be confirmed by checking the pressure at an "un-softened" inside or outside water tap. If the pressure is normal, your softener may need repair. The average pressure in South St. Paul's water system is 65 psi.

What if I suspect a leak outside?

If you suspect a water leak in your yard or near the street it is best to contact the City of South St. Paul Public Works at 651-554-3225 (M-F 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM). After hours, weekends or holidays, please contact 911 and someone will be dispatched to come to your property and verify if there is a leak and whether or not it is in the service line to the property or the City owned water main. If the leak is in the service line, the home or property owner is responsible for the repairs and should contact a licensed contractor to make the repairs. If the leak is in the City owned water main, the City is responsible for the repairs at no cost to the home or property owner.

What if I have a leak in my plumbing lines inside the home or property?

If you have a leak, you should try and isolate the line by turning off the water valve near the appliance if applicable or turn off the valve at the house side of the water meter and make the repairs or contact a licensed plumber. If you are unable to turn off the water in the home contact the City of South St. Paul Public Works 651-554-3225 (M-F 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM). After hours, weekends or holidays, please contact 911 and someone will be dispatched to the property to turn off the water at the valve box in your yard.

Why is there sand in the water?

The sudden onset of particles which look like sand are most often the result of a water softener malfunction. These particles collect in faucet screens, washer intake hose screens, and toilet tanks. Check your owner's manual or maintenance company for assistance.

Where should my sump pump drain hose discharge?

Outside. Sump pumps to collect ground water are not allowed to discharge into the sanitary sewer system. Hoses must be routed to drain to the outside of the home and not into a laundry tub or floor drain.

What are some preventative things I can do as a home or property owner?

• Operate valves annually to insure they are in working order (if your valves are old and have never been operated it might be best to contact a plumber first)

• Inspect valves and meter for leaks

• Inspect appliances, bath, kitchen and utility room water lines and valves for leaks

• Listen for water running in the tank of the toilet, if you can’t hear anything try putting a couple drops of food coloring in the tank (not the bowl) and see if the water turns color in the bowl - that would indicate a leak

• Clean out aerator’s regularly at the sink faucet’s

• Inspect sprinkler system for leaks, soft or spongy spots in the yard, dead areas of grass or greener areas around sprinkler heads with some standing water are indications of a leak

• Check outside hose spigots and hoses for leaks or to verify they are turned off

A lot of these items will not only help to minimize future problems but also help to conserve water and lessen the impact on your utility bill.