Setting up Service

How to Choose a Hauler

Many Dakota County residents have the option of choosing who collects their waste and recycling. But with so many companies offering service in the area, making the right choice can seem intimidating. Choosing a new hauler can be a great time to evaluate what you throw away and how you can save money.

The less trash you produce, the smaller the cart you need, and the less you will pay. Residential trash is taxed at 9.75 percent and recycling is not taxed.

Items collected in a recycling cart have to be recycled. It is illegal for haulers to collect items as recycling and then send them to a landfill or incinerator.

Not all recycling haulers accept the same materials for recycling. What they accept depends on the technology and types of materials accepted at the recycling facility they use. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to a potential hauler. Even if you’re sticking with your current hauler, consider contacting them to see if you can save money or recycle more types of materials.

Each year the city licenses private companies to offer trash and recycling collection services to residents and businesses. Please select from one of the licensed haulers and set up your service directly with the hauler. 

Visit our licensed haulers page to see your choices for waste and recycling.

All residents and commercial properties, including multifamily, in Dakota County must recycle. See the recycling list for what to recycle and what to leave out. All haulers serving Dakota County must accept these items.