Housing Division

The City of South St. Paul Housing Division's mission is to assist with the revitalization and maintenance of the City’s housing stock; provide decent, safe and affordable housing opportunities for seniors, families, renters and home owners; and help promote economic development efforts in the community. This is accomplished through the use of federal, state and local resources.

Public Housing

The City of South St. Paul owns and manages the Nan McKay and John Carroll Highrises for a total of 296 one-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is designed for independent living for individuals with low to moderate incomes. View more information on Public Housing.

Independent Living Program

The Housing Division contracts with DARTS to provide an Independent Living Program (ILP) for residents of the Nan McKay and John Carroll Highrises. The program provides extra services, such as meals, homemaking and laundry assistance. View more information on the ILP .

Home Owner Programs

The Housing Division offers two programs to assist property owners with making improvements to their existing homes or purchasing a lot for new construction.

The Home Improvement Loan Program assists low- and moderate-income homeowners with making repairs and improvements to their homes, such as roof replacements, furnace replacements, electrical and plumbing repairs, and more. View more information and eligibility requirements.