Records / Forms

Obtaining a Police Report

To simplify the procedure to request records, please click on this link  Request for Police Data Form
and fill out the form. It will automatically submit to our clerical department for processing.  Many reports are available at no charge.

Private or Confidential Information

The Police Department attempts to fill requests as soon as possible. However, information on some reports may be private or confidential. Therefore, the private or confidential information must be separated before copies can be released. As this process takes time, it may take up to 10 days to process requests.




The following forms are available on this website:

Burglary/Loss Information Sheet (PDF)
Citizen’s Academy Application (PDF)
Permit to Purchase a Firearm (PDF)
Police Explorers Application (PDF)
Police Reserve Information and Application (PDF)

Property Retrieval Request Form

South St Paul Police Data Request Form 

Trespass letter template  - This form is to be used as a template for trespassing unwanted guests. The police department will also need a copy of the certified mail return receipt or an affidavit of personal service in order to prove that the guest was given a copy of the letter.