Development Assistance

Navigating the Development Process

If your next business decision includes purchasing or improving a site or building in South St. Paul, Economic Development Director Ryan Garcia is at your service and ready to simplify and help you navigate the development and/or relocation process. While we acknowledge that every development project is unique, the development team at South St. Paul makes every effort to assist businesses and developers through a consistent, efficient, and relatively simple process that keeps your project on time, on budget, and free of surprises. In simplest terms, South St. Paul’s commitment to interested businesses and developers is to be responsive, open-minded, and direct at every stage of the development decision-making process.

The concept/pre-submittal stage is initiated by the business/developer, with City staff providing information and feedback to assure that the vision of the business is understood and can be successfully implemented in the context of the City’s vision and administrative/regulatory structure.

The development proposal/review stage involves the business/developer preparing and submitting a planning and zoning application (PDF) along with detailed plans, drawings, and analysis to the City for formal review and approval by various City boards and commissions. While not every project will require this step, it’s safe to assume that some level of formal review and approval of plans will be required.

The permitting and construction phase is initiated by the business/developer after they’ve received any required approval from the City Council, and is the final step in the process before the development is ready for operation.

Additional information can be found on the Financial & Technical Assistance page.