Other Studies & Plans

Thoughtful planning is a vital early step in South St. Paul’s successful economic development efforts. The City has a strong history of engaging residents, businesses, and the development community to set a course for the City’s future through visionary, focused, and pragmatic planning. The documents linked below are recent studies that will help set the stage for the City’s next economic development success stories.

2018 - 2040 Citywide Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is South St. Paul’s long-range, big-picture vision for the future, in addition to being required by state statute, serves as the policy foundation for public and private development decisions through the year 2040. 

Concord Street Improvements 

Concord Street (TH 156) runs parallel to the Mississippi River and has served as the City’s primary Economic and Transportation Artery for a century. Providing direct access to I-494 and U.S.-52 and by extension the entire surface transportation network in the Metro, this important roadway is in need of safety, access, and aesthetic modifications so that it can continue to effectively serve the transportation and development needs of SSP’s 21st Century economy, businesses, residents, and workers. 

Southview Hill Plan

Southview Boulevard is a uniquely situated, pedestrian-scaled corridor serving the historic residential neighborhoods of South St. Paul. The Southview Hill Plan, along with the 2018 Street Reconstruction Project, assure that the vitality and vibrancy of Southview is enhanced as the City’s economy continues to grow and diversify.

Grand Avenue Gateway Plan

The “Grand Avenue Gateway” serves as the meeting place of South St. Paul’s working riverfront business park district and the residential neighborhoods on the hill. This area is becoming an attractive environment for new mixed-use development and the City anticipates investing in an updated streetscape between 2018 - 2020. The foundation for this important work is found in the Grand Avenue Gateway Plan.