City-Led Initiatives

South St. Paul - A Proven Partner in Transforming Vision to Reality

South St. Paul’s leaders understand that the City plays a critical role in advancing the City as a great place to live and do business in, and we’ve committed to making sure that City-owned assets such as parks, roadways, and sites are commensurate with the high standard our business community has illustrated in its investments in SSP.

The City will be improving the streetscape along Concord Exchange in 2024. Improvements will include additional pedestrian amenities, improved lighting, and updated driveway accesses. These updates will highlight the growing mixed-use corridor along Concord Exchange.  

Concord Exchange Streetscape (2024)

Picture of a diagram showing public facilities along a street

Concord Street Improvements

Image of Concord Street

The City of South St. Paul, in cooperation with MnDOT and Dakota County, invested in improvements to Concord Street between I-494 and Annapolis Street that provide better multi-modal connectivity, increase traffic safety and efficiency, and replace infrastructure that had reached the end of its useful life. The project supports the revitalization of the Concord Street corridor to support economic growth, commerce, and redevelopment. 

Information about the project can be found at: 

North Concord Mixed Use District Study

Diagram showing North Concord Street

In 2020, Staff received a grant from Dakota County to fund a zoning study to update the North Concord Mixed Use Zoning District. The City has been planning a zoning study for this district since at least 2013. The North Concord Mixed Use district has been listed as an area primed for a zoning study for several years now in the City's Capital Improvements Plan. The goal of the study is to update the North Concord Mixed-Use zoning district standards to better align with the community redevelopment goals and market realities. The study will help the corridor prepare for redevelopment after the Concord Street reconstruction project is completed in 2022.