Community Center Youth Programs

Swimming Lessons  Youth Gymnastics

Register online or at Central Square Community Center, 100 7th Ave., South St. Paul. Call 651-366-6200 with questions.
Central Square Community Center welcomes both Members and Non-members to participate in our diverse youth program offerings.


 Youth Activities 

Image of bowling pins set in game formationImage of a swimmer swimming under waterImage of earth as seen from space

Bowling and a Movie December 26th

Conquer Ninja Warrior & Central Square Pool
December 27th

Orbit Earth Expo
December 30th

Bowling & A Movie (ages 6-12)

We’ll start this trip off with interactive bowling at Drkula’s 32 Bowl. This colorful, lively facility caters to all levels of bowlers. Kids will love the colorful lanes and fast moving action.  Drkula’s 32 makes it easy for kids to try their hand at bowling and set them up for success. It’s an active and fun activity!

Our next stop will be AMC Theatre to see a new feature movie. Youth are asked to bring a bag lunch. Concessions will be available for purchase at the theatre.

When: Dec. 26th, 9:45 am-4 pm   Cost: $27

Conquer Ninja Warrior & Central Square Pool (ages 6-12)

Kids will spend the morning testing out their ninja skills. The Ninja Warrior Gyms offer specifically designed equipment and obstacles for kids of all ages.  The warrior training facilities are dedicated to individuals seeking ninja warrior and obstacle adventure race training. 

The second half of the day will be spent at the Central Square pool, swimming and listening to music. 

When: Dec., 27th, 10 am-3:30 pm  Cost: $35 

Orbit Earth Expo (all ages)

Orbit Earth Expo offers students a completely unique, unforgettable science experience that truly puts the earth, moon and sun into perspective. Using a 14 foot inflatable model of the earth, moon set to scale and lighting to represent the sun, kids can learn about cycles, systems and relationships between the earth, moon and sun.  

This interactive presentation demonstrates eclipses, seasonal / lunar cycles, creation of winds, day/night cycles, tides, rotation vs revolution, physical characteristics of the earth, moon and sun, gravity, order of the planets, seasons and more!  

Thanks to the assistance of the ISD 197 Education Foundation, this event is being offered free of charge.
Admission is limited and registration at Central Square is required.    

When:  Dec. 30th, 1:30-2:30 pm. The program will take place at Mendota Elementary, 1979 Summit Lane, Mendota Heights. 
No transportation provided.