Visiting Pilots And Airport Tenants

Information for visiting pilots and airport tenants

The South St. Paul Municipal Airport – Fleming Field sets out the Rules and Regulations by which aircraft operators and airport tenants may use the airport’s facilities and services.

All airport users, hangar owners, and operators of aircraft agree to be bound by the terms of this document: Current Rules & Regulations

Hangar, Ramp, and Tie-Down Information

With over 330 based aircraft, Fleming Field provides pilots a great location for visiting the Twin Cities or basing an aircraft. The City T-Hangars are fully partitioned and require registration of licensed aircraft. Tenants are responsible for electric utilities.

Tie Down Rates:

-Nightly       $5.00
-Weekly      $20.00
-Monthly    $35.00/Grass & $60.00/Ramp

Ramp Fees:

Single Prop          No Charge
Dual Prop              $15.00   *30 Gal
Turbine                  $25.00   *60 Gal
Jet                        $35.00   *100 Gal
*fees waived with fuel purchase

A waiting list is maintained for those wanting to rent T-hangars. Please email Airport Manager for details.