Rebate - Sewer Line Repair/Separation

Apply for your "One Water" mini-grant rebate for Sanitary Sewer Leaking Service Line Repair or Cross Connection repair in the form below.  You will need to take a photo or scan of the receipt.  In order to obtain the rebate, you must have met the following requirements:

Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a South St. Paul property owner with non-delinquent water utility bill accounts.
  • The grant requires the property owner to match grant funds, with most grants expected to be matched based on the attached funding summary. 
  • The private service line or foundation drain must be active and serving an occupied building.
  • Inspection costs are allowable ONLY if the service line inspected results in eligible repairs.
  • The City will require the applicant to show verification of the I & I issue (tree roots, cracks in the service, etc.) to the Public Works Department and show receipts with dates for work and materials on or before October 19, 2018.
  • The recipient must demonstrate that lining is not an acceptable option before open-cut trench excavation is allowed.
  • All sewer service line lining projects shall demonstrate that the lining extends all the way to the wye to prevent Inflow & Infiltration from short circuiting to the sanitary mainline.
  • Applicant responsible for securing any permits necessary for project, if required and/or submit proof of proper installation.
  • Funds are limited, applications processed based on receipt of qualified low income households (at 185% of 2018 Poverty Level per HHS Poverty Guidelines) and then in order of receipt.  See 2018 poverty guidelines at the end of this work plan.
  • Any rebate requests over $600 require a W-9 from the applicant.


Eligibility Requirements

Max. No. of

Eligible Items per Household

Grant Match %

Max. Grant Award**

Lining or repair of leaking services

Property Owner to show televising tapes to the Public Works Department for Verification of Eligibility

1 at $6,000



Cross-connection Repairs

Public Works Department to Verify for Eligibility

1 at $6,000



*Maximum award per eligible household for inflow & infiltration reduction improvements is $3,000.