2030 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for growth and development for South St. Paul to 2030.  The comprehensive plan is the officially adopted long-range plan that describes the community’s vision for the future.  The planning document contains information concerning a wide range of topics including goals and policies for land use, housing, parks, and open space, economic development, and transportation systems that will have an impact on land use within the City. If you have any questions on the Comprehensive Plan Update, please email the City Planner, Michael Healy, or call 651-554-3217.

Please note that the 2030 Comprehensive Plan is not the current Comprehensive Plan. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan provided the City guidance between 2010 and 2020. Please reference the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the most up to date plan.

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan can be referenced below:

Cover and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1 - Background (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Policy Plan (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Economic Development (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Land Use (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Transportation (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Community Services and Public Facilities (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Critical Area/MNRRA (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Implementation (PDF)


Appendix A (PDF): (1) Vision Session

(2) Citizen Survey and Results
(3) Concept Plan

Appendix B (PDF): Concord-Grand Ave. Gateway Streetscape and Redevelopment Plan
Appendix C (PDF): Parks Master Plan
Appendix D (PDF): Water Supply Plan
Appendix E (PDF): Dakota County ISTS Ordinance
Appendix F (PDF): Airport Layout Plan

  1. Michael Healy

    City Planner / Zoning Administrator