Who wrote the new ordinance?

The new tree ordinance was the result of nearly two years of study with input from the Planning, Engineering, and Public Works departments and a careful analysis of South St. Paul’s existing built environment.  The City does not have a forester on staff and contracted with consultant group WSB to secure a forester who is also an ISA-certified arborist to assist with the ordinance update. The forester has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge about how other communities have handled this issue as well as the most recent research from the University of Minnesota.

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1. What was wrong with the previous tree ordinance?
2. What does the updated tree ordinance do?
3. Who wrote the new ordinance?
4. My boulevard is only 3 feet wide. Why won’t the City allow trees in boulevards that are less than 5 feet wide?
5. My neighborhood recently had all the boulevard trees removed due to emerald ash Borer, and the boulevard on my street has only 3 feet of greenspace. Is there an exception I can apply for to get a t
6. My boulevard is only 3 feet wide. What options do I have to restore the tree canopy in my neighborhood?
7. When will my tree be removed?
8. Does the City have a plan or a budget for planting new trees in boulevards that are wide enough to accommodate a tree?
9. Do I need to wait for the City to plant a tree for me, or can I plant my own boulevard tree?