When will my tree be removed?

If there is a pink “X” on the tree in front of your house or in your boulevard, that means it has been recognized as a publicly owned diseased or dying tree. It will be removed by the City as funding and staff time permits, often within the next year or two. Due to EAB, over 800 trees must be removed from South St. Paul’s boulevards. Tree work is handled by the Streets Department, which is a part of the Public Works Department. They are also responsible for road maintenance, plowing, street sweeping, sidewalk inspections, and other street maintenance needs. The Streets Department handles a significant amount of tree removal and stump grinding “in-house” with its own staff and equipment but there is also an annual budget to hire third party contractors to assist with tree removal and stump grinding. 

The Streets Department is working hard to complete ash tree removals whenever possible but there is limited staff available, and it is very time-consuming to complete these removals. The Streets Department prioritizes the removal of boulevard trees that are at the greatest risk of falling. These high priority trees are the ones where the bark has fallen off completely and smaller twigs are falling on sidewalks and streets. 

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